Preface to the Second Edition

When the first 1,000 copies of Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego were published in 2004, we believed that it would have taken quite a bit to sell out the stock. On the contrary, without the slightest advertising but thanks to the words passed on among the yachtsmen, all copies were sold in less then two years and our book became the book of reference for the increasing number of sailors planning to sail till the most extreme coasts of South America. Besides, with many of them a fruitful co-operation grew up which turned out into useful information and reporting of new anchorages, resulting from their own experiences.

To our great surprise, moreover, we find out that our book was appreciated not only by sailors, but also by passionate day-dreamers of those mythic lands who presumably never will plough those waves

This new edition, originating from three more years of sailing in that area, has been carefully updated and integrated by 26 new interesting anchorages and 58 new general and detailed charts. While we trust it meet the same success of the first edition, we warmly thank all those who enthusiastically helped us in having it issued.

Turin, July 21th, 2006

Mariolina ROLFO and Giorgio ARDRIZZI