9.1                         Pto. Nutland

Location                       W coast of Canal Bárbara - Isla Santa Inés

GPS position                S 53°54'70 - W 72°20'60  (anchorage)

Chilean Charts            11000-11300-1201

Other Charts               UK 1281 * US 22032-22410-22425

Protection                    2nd - 3rd - 4th quarters

Depth                           4 - 6 metres

Bottom                         mud and kelp - very good

Shore lines                   2 to the trees in the small bay of the S shore

Approach                     easy

Remarks: this well sheltered anchorage lies in the N section of Canal Bárbara. Beware of two rocks, uncovered at LW and lying off the N point by the entrance narrows. The forest setting is scenic, but strong gusts are reported in bad weather. The holding ground is very good on a bottom of thick mud. The plan shows three different anchorage possibilities:

-  The first is the one mentioned above: it is impossible to get deep into the cove because the river fouls the head. One can   take a line ashore, but the boat would lie beam to the prevailing winds.

-  A tiny cove on the S side of the outer bay provides a much better option. The shelter from the gusts is very good and you will spend a quiet night with two lines ashore. There is some kelp, but no apparent danger behind it, except for two well visible rocks located off the headland forming the cove.

Isla Santa Inés was named and discovered by Sarmiento de Gamboa in January 1580, in the day that commemorates Santa Inés.